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I plan on publishing nothing but true stories and facts.  Backed up by witness accounts.  Much of my information will probably come from two sources who worked in the office and personally witness your behavior, and have true stories.  I don’t think they will hold anything back at this point.


As your attorney is telling you now, if it is true then you can’t say or do anything about it?


Story topic ideas

If your information was stolen should your insurance agent tell you?  Not necessarily?

Would you work for a person who does this?

Would you work with a person who screwed his partner over? Learn more?

Reverse Grinch, 1 month of charitable giving and 11 months of stealing?

Would you want your business where the landlord does this?

What if your work hard to protect your identity, and your insurance agent is careless with your name, address, and social?

Do you trust an insurance agent who is never working?

Worst bosses in Chandler AZ

Worst places to work Chandler AZ

– I think this one would be a great open blog, with yearly winners.


Would you work for a person that cuts your health insurance and then buys his daughter a mercedes?



These are just the topics I thought of yesterday.  They all would be great as first run articles in the local newspaper.  But would be even better as continuous facebook ads that click over to the website and article.  I ran the numbers last night and for 27 cents a click I could isolate the 85248, 85249, and 85286 zip codes for adults of 40.  Did you know on facebook you can niche your ads to exact groups, such as all those who like volleyball and hamilton high school in a few zip codes?  The power of target marketing.


I also recently purchased the following domains, please confirm they are parked at GoDaddy.


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