Homework Feb 3 2016

Homework due at midnight.

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Make sure to have your subject line exact.

Subject Line = Bio 160 Homework February 3

Take the Socrative.com quiz three times. Room # anatomyandphysiologypvccbio160 Changing your name each time by adding a 1, 2, or 3 at the end. On the third round. Explain every question you answered incorrectly. Why the answer was right and why the distractor answers are wrong.

If you answered 13 questions wrong on the third round, then you will have 13 explanations for your homework.

Lab Quiz 8:00 a.m.

Name and describe all the parts of the cell. Ex. Mitochondria



Lecture Quiz. 11:00 am sharp.

1.List and describe all of the passive transport mechanisms.

Ex. Diffusion – Movement of molecules from a higher concentration down its concentration gradient to an area of lower concentration.


2. List and describe all of the active transport mechanisms.

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