Homework 11 25

Homework due on Wednesday night.

Subject Line: Homework 11 25 Bio 160


Part I

Go to Homwork Part I at  http://chandlerphysicaltherapy.net/homework-april-22/ and complete the page.  Send your typed out answers in the body of the email.  DO NOT SEND AS ATTACHMENT!


Part II

Answer the following

Quiz for lab and lecture.


1. Describe how O2 and CO2 move at the lungs and tissues.  Describe the process that converts Co2 to H+ and HCO3- as well.

2. Where and how are 02, CO2, and pH measured in the body, and where is the control center.

3. Describe the process of inspiration and expiration, making sure to include any muscles involved, volume changes, pressure changes, and flow of air.

4. Define and describe each of the respiratory air volume and capacities, including tidal volume, IRV, ERV, RV, IC, FRC, VC, and total lung capacity.


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