Gluteus Medius

Hip-muscles-model-labeledMuscle Origin

Ilium to Greater Trochanter.

Attaches to the upper lateral surface of the ilium and from the anterior ¾ of the iliac crest, between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines and to the gluteal aponeurosis. American Academy of Manual Medicine.


Greater trochanter of the femur.

The greater trochanter (great trochanter) of the femur is a large, irregular, quadrilateral eminence and a part of the skeletal system. It is directed lateral and medially and slightly posterior. Wiki


Abducts thigh.

Abduction of the hip; preventing adduction of the hip. Medial rotation of thigh.

Innervation – Nerve control

Superior gluteal nerve (L4, L5, S1 nerve roots).


Superior gluteal artery.

The superior gluteal artery is the largest branch of the internal iliac artery, and appears to be the continuation of the posterior division of that vessel. It is a short artery which runs backward between the lumbosacral trunk and the first sacral nerve, and, passing out of the pelvis above the upper border of the piriformis muscle, immediately divides into a superficial and a deep branch. Wiki

Antagonist muscles


In human anatomy, the adductor muscles of the hip are a group of muscles of the thigh.

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