Depressor Labii Inferioris

Muscle Origin

Mandible to Orbicularis Oris

Oblique line of the mandible, between the symphysis and the mental foramen. At its origin, depressor labii is continuous with the fibers of the platysma muscle. Much yellow fat is intermingled with the fibers of this muscle.anatomy-model-face-muscles-87-edited 2 (1)


Integument of the lower lip, Orbicularis oris fibers, its fellow of the opposite side.

This muscle arises from the oblique line of the mandible, and inserts on the skin of the lower lip, blending in with the orbicularis oris muscle. Wiki


This muscle depresses (lowers) the lower lip.

Innervation – Nerve control

The depressor labii inferioris is innervated by the mandibular division of the facial nerve.



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