Adductor Magnus

Muscle Origin

Inferior ramus of pubis/ischial tuberosity to linea aspera of femur.

Anterior: Inferior pubic ramus and the ramus of the ischium.
Posterior: Inferolateral aspect of the ischial tuberosity.anatomy-model-muscle-hamstrings-041-editor-2


Linea aspera and adductor tubercle of femur.

Attaches on a line from the greater trochanter to the linea aspera and from the linea aspera to the adductor tubercle of the femur. American Academy of Manual Medicine


Adducts thigh at hip joint.

Adducts, laterally rotates and flexes the thigh: Adduction of hip (both portions); flexion of hip (adductor portion);
extension of hip (hamstring portion)

Innervation – Nerve control

Posterior branch of obturator nerve (adductor) and tibial nerve (hamstring).

It is a composite muscle as the adductor and hamstring portions of the muscle are innervated by two different nerves. The adductor portion is innervated by the posterior division of the obturator nerve while the hamstring portion is innervated by the tibial nerve. Wiki


Deep femoral artery.

The deep artery of the thigh, (profunda femoris artery or deep femoral artery) is a branch of the femoral artery that, as its name suggests, travels more deeply (posteriorly) than the rest of the femoral artery. Wiki

Antagonist muscles

Gluteus maximus.

The largest of three muscles of the buttocks is the gluteus maximus.

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