Intro to A&P – Chapter 1 Pictues

Intro to A&P – Chapter 1 Pictures


A slight improvement on the classic Dog’s playing poker.



Classical Greece Perfection


The human body has been portrayed in art for hundreds of years.  Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci have created tremendous works of art by perfecting the human body.  Leonardo’s drawings reveal dissection of cadavers in search of science.  As you remember from your history class, the Church was not in favor of cutting into bodies in the name of science.  Much of this work was done in secrecy.



David by Michelangelo

David by Michelangelo



 Anatomy & Physiology is more than studying muscles

We are a combination of an incredible amount of small parts.  Basic building blocks start with atoms and elements.  The combination of atoms leads to molecules, which can be combined into macromolecules ….

Starting at an Atom and progressing to an organism.  We are made of smaller units that produce a complex functional organism.  The whole is more than the sum of the parts.  The structure and function of the parts lead to unique and important roles in the body.  Structures allow for functions.   Physiology is the function and how it works.



Basic Anatomy Terms and Directions



Describing position with Basic terms. We do not use up, down, forward, or back.


Planes divide the body. An MRI image is a great example of how we use planes.



















Body Cavities










A quadrant system helps us to describe specific areas.  By using the same terminology and system we can accurately describe location. Such as I have pain in my right lower quadrant.  What could be the cause of pain in your right lower quadrant?  Is it your stomach?  Nope, where would stomach probably radiate pain to?







Specific Body Regions to Know

(Learn All)










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