1st Homework Due

Homework due Aug 31 at midnight.

email to



Subject Line = Bio 160 Homework 8/31

Do not send an attachments.  Paste your homework into the body of the email.  Use your school email only.


Take the Socrative.com quiz three times. Room # anatomyandphysiologypvccbio160  Changing your name each time by adding a 1, 2, or 3 at the end.  On the third round.  Explain every question you answered incorrectly.  Why the answer was right and why the distractor answers are wrong.

Ex.  Carson Robertson1, Carson Robertson2,  Carson Robertson 3


If you answered 13 questions wrong on the third round, then you will have 13 explanations for your homework.



Lab Quiz 8:00 a.m.

Name and describe all the membranes.

List all the cavities (not the ones inside the cranium such as frontal cavity).

List all the anatomical directions with definition.  Ex. Superior – Up towards the head.


Lecture Quiz. 11:00 am sharp.

1.Telling me everything you know about the atom.

2. Tell me about electron shells and how atoms gain or lose electrons.  What are atoms trying to accomplish.


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